Sunday, December 26, 2010

Relative Holiday

Busy times here on the Four-em ice.  The more use the ice gets the better I feel.

December 25th
Danny and I had a Christmas morning skate; our 4th one in as many years, which is pretty cool. After opening presents, which included matching hockey jerseys, we laced them up and skated for an hour or so.

December 26thDebbie's brother and family are up from Tennesee for the holidays and are staying with us. We also swapped Caroline for other cousins Emma and Ellie and a Christmas snow storm made for the perfect setting for an evening skate for all.

Emma is the only one who can keep up with Danny on skates and she jammed to KISS 108 on the radio while zipping around the ice. Emma "wishes she could live here" because we have ice in our backyard.

Elora took to our ice for the first time. She has taken lessons and is a very good skater. Elora also helped me shovel the rink and made a snow angel - the first one ever made on Four-em ice by the way.

Ellie and I skated  figure 8's together and had a great time in the snow.  Ellie is an  excellent skater!

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Joe said...

I feel the same way. The more people come over, the more worthwhile it all feels.

What were the matching jerseys?